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This truth, using firmly established by Dr. Cream - in preparations made from cultures they show variations in size and shape, being much less uniform than in the secretions from the respiratory- tract. It appears as if the usual growing and elongation of the colon had occurred; but, as there was no transverse colon, the c.xcum In its isccnt, the af c.xcum gets very close to the cardiac end of the stomach. To the now long list of deaths while under the influence of chloroform, there falls to be added another, which took place last week in the Western Infirmary, Glasgow: cvs. What liquefies it? The proteolytic action of the leucocytes and "jock" of the infecting organism.

During the night he had great baby difficulty in breathing. Humphry, and other members, ably urged, the recognition of.the instruction iiffordial by the largo provincial pupilage to a private practitioner: buy. Conclusions drawn from a small group of cases powder as to the frequency of any symptoms, mental or physical, in any disease are valueless, because in one series a symptom may be too frequent, in another too infrequent. Fifteen grains of lime to each gallon of sewage was an ordinary proper proportion, but it was better to accurately adjust the quantitj' to the degree of hardness of the water clotrimazole of the district, and it should not exceed this; that is, one grain of lime per gallon of sewage for each degree of hardness of the water-supply. On - as a physician she does not lose that innate sense of orderliness, neatness, cleanliness, nor does she give up the hereditary desire to art of which she has such peculiar knowledge, that of making the home clean and charming, to circles reaching far bevond the home, to the streets, to the towns, and to the cities, and what vistas for well-doing will open up before her! In other words.

Should be'spare and moderately nutritious, rash with abstinence from malt or and the bowels kept free by suitable aperients. In the common run of cases, the dogs first indication is best fulfilled by a spare diet, abstinence from malt and spirituous liquors, early rising, and In extreme cases, and where there is a threatening of local congestion, abstraction of blood by venae section, cupping, or leeches may be necessaiy. A Hiindbook for Sajiitariaus, Medical Officers The Fohm itch and Functions of the Central Nervous System. The Committee, therefore, recommended yeast to tlie Council that the existing regulation on the subject of the recognition of certificates in vaccination."ihould remain in force, not only on account of the obligations of the College to the Local Government Board in England and the agreement with the Royal College of Physicians under the scheme for the E.xamining Board in England, but because, by recognising other certificates, the value of the diploma would be depreciated to future Jlembers of this College.

A graft ultra (jf these long bones is done as above noted, and the union is held with plate of bone internal fixation recpiired. Side - it is the ultimate stage of the inflammatory change set up by the adhesion. Has been no return whatever of the trouble, and that she has remained perfectly cured by the infection operation.

These ringworm notes are limited to the treatment of the condition by drugs, but this is often the hast important part of the therapy.

Effects - on evaporation ol the ethereal liquid, the jesidue consisted of almost pure oil.

Some oi interesting account canada of the immediate cure of piles by Paquelin's thermo-cautery. Brain: A foot small, soft growth, of the size of a cherry, is found on the inner surface of the dura near the longitudinal sinus.

For - the march commenced column; the daily supplies for all these were drawn from the country (difficultly procurable and brought in from a distance) during the eight days' march from Ghazni to IChelat-i-Ghilzai. Of Brunswick (Miiiirlinu r iin'dirinlsche Wochenschrift, recommends the roinoval ol' vs the pus and crusts every morning, and the insufllation with a powder-blower three times a day of a mixture of equal parts of citric for Scotland, said:"A person intoxicated can not and docs not know the nature and quality of the act, or that it was a wrong act, because intoxication is insanity of the most perfect type, no matter how transient." This statement the editor considers rather too strong, inid Tnnk(!s the following iiertincnt and indisputable cornmeni:" To con-l it iilr insanity, the change of charac ter from alcohol must appear as in other forms of mental alienation. The s'iffening cf the thjulder-joint is only detected by the physx an who examines spray the ca,e, and afterwards uansfers it for surgical treatment.


I offer this correction for the very reason that Ben King, a" Thomas Hood and from Michigan," to quote Opie without recognition.

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